Check out my post from my day under Google’s Big Tent. It was an exciting day that delivered on some fronts and could have done with more time on others. Discussing the issue of child safety as it relates to Internet pornography, was a brave and important decision for Google, which could have done with more time and more willingness to go hard. The session on the Serendipity Engine was fascinating but long and the Future of News debate too short. Andrew Keen was also there telling us about why the Internet is dangerous. Simon Rogers (Guardian), Ahmed Shihab-Eldin (HuffPostLive) and I spoke about the Future of News.¬†Overall interesting to be part of Google’s conversation and wondering how it can happen more often, in a less fragmented way where citizens control the agenda a little more. Maybe the HuffPostLive is one beginning. Google’s spending a lot to have a chat – so catch the next Big Tent if you can, when it travels to your area.